Finding the Right Filing Solution


October 18, 2019

All filing systems are not built the same. Your needs are as unique as the type of files you use and one size does not fit all storage and filing needs.
Whether your files are of the manila, hard-bound, boxed or antiquities variety and fill a room or are housed in a filing cabinet, Datum has the right solution for your office, business or institution. Datum’s highly configurable filing solutions are guaranteed to maximize space and efficiency, no matter your size and space constraints.

Datum’s versatile line of filing solutions is designed to maximize productivity, without sacrificing safety, convenience or accessibility. Constructed of heavy duty cold rolled steel with optional laminate or solid wood components, our high-density storage solutions are engineered to provide maximum strength and durability.

Ultra-customizable, Datum’s unique filing solutions accommodate a variety of storage requirements including file folders, boxes and more. Available doors and a variety of locking options provide added security for files.

Low profile, compact designs as well as stacking and double-sided storage solutions that rotate 360 degrees provide maximum efficiency and space savings solutions for electronics, files or any storage requirement.

Ez2 Rotary Action File by Datum is a highly efficient double-sided rotary storage solution for institutional, healthcare, home and office use. Engineered to organize files while maintaining security and HIPAA-compliance, Ez2 Rotary Action File’s highly customizable design allows storage of files, binders, office supplies and more. Datum’s space saving design is engineered to spin 360 degrees to increase efficiency and accessibility, and its double-sided design provides accessibility from both sides, allowing units to be used as room dividers. Available in two to eight shelf openings, the system does not require a foot pedal making units easier to use, reducing floor space and eliminates tripping hazards.

Highly configurable to maximize space and efficiency, 4Post by Datum is engineered for effortless installation, easy expansion and maximum efficiency. The unique design of 4Post allows dual entry/access to files, while a center stop prevents movement of stored materials through the other side of the unit. Two eight shelf stationary systems accommodate 544 linear filing inches in only 6 sq. ft. of space. Easily convert stationary shelving by combining 4Post shelving with Datum’s unique TrakSlider™ to create an efficient mobile solution, increasing storage capacity while conserving space.

Stak-N-Lok by Datum features versatile filing solutions that keep documents secure, organized and accessible in nearly any type of application. Its unique configuration maximizes floor space, is easily expandable and provides HIPAA-compliant security. Add in a wide selection of colors, accessories and configurations and it’s easy to see why more than 30,000 businesses have chosen Stak-N-Lok as their filing solution.

ThinStak by Datum is the premier archive shelving solution for healthcare facilities and business offices. Designed to provide organized, open-shelf storage solutions that reduce filing errors and increase efficiency, ThinStak by Datum is constructed for high capacity document filing. Highly configurable to maximize space, ThinStak tiers are easy to assemble, expandable and customizable to accommodate various media storage sizes, tier alignment and even door types.

Looking to increase space and efficiency as your storage needs grow? Mobilizing your storage system will allow you to more than double your storage capacity with a minimal increase in floor space. Add Datum’s mobile TrakSlider or MobileTrak systems that accommodate all of Datum’s filing systems and more.

And there’s no need to leave room for aisles between Datum’s exclusive mobile filing lines. Designed for maximum organization and efficiency to meet your storage requirements now, with the ability to expand later when your needs change.

Create great efficiency with Datum’s MobileTrak e5 Powered System. With just a push of a button, the electronic keypad allows easy movement of heavy units and easy access to documents. And motion sensors with infrared floor sweep stop technology ensure stored documents stay secure and provide added safety of users.

From ultra-customizable shelving to high-density storage to durable electronics security, Datum’s unique solutions are highly configurable and designed for your storage requirements today with the option to expand tomorrow. Let us take a look at your needs and we’ll create a customized storage solution that matches your décor and your growing business needs.

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