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HIPAA-Compliant Storage Options
for Healthcare and Medical Environments

When it comes to meeting the requirements for HIPAA-compliant storage in a healthcare or medical environment, administrators and facility managers have a variety of storage options. Whether you need a small storage system to keep close at hand or a large, central storage area that serves an entire hospital, here’s a quick overview of popular HIPAA-compliant storage options organized by size from smallest to largest.

Lockable, Mobile Carts

When you need to secure small batches of patient records for transport to and from a central repository or you simply need the ability to move files safely from one location to another, a transport file cart with lockable doors is a convenient, user-friendly solution. Optional dividers and adjustable internal shelves provide additional levels of customization and organization, and swivel casters make the cart easy to control during transport. Some carts also include a laminated surface for added workspace.


Space-Saving, Fixed-Location File Storage

By using rotational movement, a rotary filing system can help save valuable space by storing records on both sides of the storage unit and limiting access to one side at a time. These types of filing systems include lockable doors to keep files secure.


Fixed Shelves with Lockable Doors

Traditional fixed shelves are affordable, durable, and easy to assemble, and they can also be equipped with lockable hinged or tambour doors for added security and HIPAA compliance. This type of shelving is also popular for its versatility, as it can function as a standalone storage solution or be inserted into a larger high-density storage system if your needs increase over time.


Mid-Sized, Track-Mounted Storage

For patient record storage that’s not quite large enough to warrant the investment in a large high-density mobile storage system, a mid-sized track-mounted storage system can offer the same organization and provide just the right amount of space. These easy slide systems are available with two, three, or four levels of lockable storage cabinets, and rubber stops and quiet wheels provide smooth, quiet movement.


Large High-Density Mobile Storage Systems

For large repositories of patient records in areas where space is at a premium or architectural features make storage difficult, consider a large high-density mobile storage system. These high-performance units save space and maximize storage capacity by reducing the number of access aisles down to one. Various track styles make them suitable for just about any location, including those with unique environmental conditions, such as high heat and humidity, and mobile options include both manual and electric. These systems are also available in designs that can address issues caused by low ceilings, sprinkler systems, or other architectural challenges. Locking options make them HIPAA compliant and allow controlled access to individual aisle as needed.


For help choosing the best HIPAA-compliant solution for your record storage needs, talk to a Datum healthcare storage expert.


Download our HIPAA Tip Sheet here.

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