Meeting HIPAA Compliancy


October 18, 2019

The products you use have to keep up with your duties and provide a maximum level of accessibility while maintaining patient protection and security.

But in today’s fast-paced world of cyber-hackers, identity theft and digital fraud, you can’t go far enough to protect your personal information and the information of your customers and patients. And legally, it is necessary to take standard measures to protect the information your customers have provided you.

Enacted in 1996, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (most commonly referred to as HIPAA) provides security of personal information from medical history, social security numbers, addresses, and more.

Ultra customizable, Datum’s unique filing solutions accommodate a variety of storage requirements including folders, digital files, etc. A variety of doors and locking options ensure maximum security of data.

Datum’s WallWrite solution is engineered to maximize accessibility, increase productivity and conserve space in high-traffic areas. WallWrite’s unique design protects and stores charts and folders and an optional locking door provides HIPAA-compliant security. The flip-down door also serves as a writing surface to conserve space.

The EZ2 Rotary Action File by Datum is a highly efficient double-sided, 360 degree rotary storage solution for institutional, healthcare, home and office use. Its highly customizable, space saving design is engineered to organize files, binders, office supplies and more while maintaining maximum security and HIPAA-compliance.

For higher density storage needs choose Stak-N-Lok by Datum— a versatile filing solution that keeps documents secure, organized and accessible in nearly any type of application. With a unique configuration to maximize floor space, Stak-N-Lok is easily expandable and provides HIPAA-compliant security. Add in a wide selection of colors, accessories and configurations and it’s easy to see why more than 40,000 businesses have chosen Stak-N-Lok as their filing solution.

Looking to increase space and efficiency as file folders increase? Mobilizing your filing system will allow you to decrease your space usage by up to 50% while using up to 30% less square footage. Add Datum’s mobile TrakSlider or MobileTrak systems that accommodate all of Datum’s filing systems.

And there’s no need to leave room for aisles between Datum’s exclusive mobile filing lines. Designed for maximum organization and efficiency to meet your storage requirements now, with the ability to expand later when your needs change.

In addition to maintaining HIPAA compliance of paper documents, equally important is the security of Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI). EPHI is in compliance with HIPPA regulations and guidelines when it is:

  • Only accessible to those who have a business need
  • Stored and processed on systems that are strictly controlled and backed up
  • Monitored during all access
  • Only moved to authorized locations and is encrypted in storage and while transmitted on unprotected networks

Keep digital files stored on a desktop computer secure and protected with Datum’s CPU Locker. The heavy duty lockers securely store CPU units and protect them from unwanted eyes by easily attaching to a desk or table. Laptops and small electronic devices remain secure in the office or on the road in Datum’s LapTop Locker.

Whether you choose Datum’s state-of-the-art, secure computer storage solutions, wall-mounted storage engineered for easy accessibly in high-traffic areas or a high density storage solution for file folders, you can be sure you’ll remain squarely within HIPAA compliance.

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