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Welcome to the News section of our website. Here you’ll find case studies, application suggestions, installation tips, product profiles, and more to assist you in getting the most out of our storage systems, furnishings, and services.

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Choosing Storage for Manufacturing and Industrial Environments

To help manufacturers select the best storage solutions for their environments, our storage experts have compiled a list of key features to consider before choosing your storage solution provider.

6 Common Manufacturing and Industrial Storage Challenges and Their Solutions

Manufacturing and industrial spaces represent unique and challenging working environments that require especially robust storage solutions that are tough enough to stand up to demanding daily wear and tear. To help manufacturers choose the right storage to improve efficiency and productivity, our storage experts have gathered six common manufacturing and industrial storage challenges and identified products that can help solve them.

4 Simple Steps for Choosing HIPAA-Compliant Storage for Healthcare

Review how you currently store patient files and note the strengths and weaknesses. Your evaluation should include how you store your HIPAA-related records as well as how easily you can access those records, record organization, and the amount of space your storage system occupies.

HIPAA-Compliant Storage Options for Healthcare and Medical Environments

When it comes to meeting the requirements for HIPAA-compliant storage in a healthcare or medical environment, administrators and facility managers have a variety of storage options. Whether you need a small storage system to keep close at hand or a large, central storage area that serves an entire hospital…

5 Benefits of High-Density Storage Systems for Healthcare

From small urgent care centers to sprawling urban hospitals, healthcare and medical facilities depend on high-density storage systems to provide essential organization and security while also saving space and placing supplies close to the point of care.

8 Reasons to Choose 4Post™ Shelving for Healthcare Storage

When your healthcare facility needs quick and easy storage for a secure room environment or you need simple storage that can provide security and controlled access when needed, 4Post™ shelving is a practical, affordable solution. Here are eight reasons to consider 4Post™ shelving for your healthcare storage needs.

Managing Inmate Paper Medical Records

Consider how you currently store files and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your filing system, not only as they relate to HIPAA but also as they relate to your daily needs for access, organization, and space. Identify where your system falls short, and be sure to address these issues when selecting your new system.

Budgeting for Storage Needs: 8 Things to Consider Before You Buy

Budgeting for Storage Needs – Whether you need a high-density system for evidence or a heavy-duty weapon cabinet for pistols and gear, you want a storage solution that will keep your items secure and organized and that will last beyond the next budget year. Here are eight features to consider before you decide to buy.

Correctional Facilities and Detention Centers: Selecting Storage for Security and Space

When it comes to choosing storage options for a correctional facility or detention center, security and space are always top concerns. Whether you need to store weapons, inmate property, or medical supplies, your method of storage has to be secure and keep stored items safe by controlling access.

Classroom on a Cart Gets Upgrade for Tech and Security

A generation ago, teaching from a classroom on a cart meant a teacher would have to heap supplies onto a makeshift custodial cart that was the equivalent of three flat shelves on wheels. But with today’s classrooms teeming with technology, that design just won’t do. Teachers have found a number of thoughtful and creative ways to organize materials and activities from the confines of a cart…

Cellphones Threatening the Security of Your School’s Testing?

Each year thousands of students participate in state testing, and for schools that have a BYOD policy, personal devices like cellphones on testing day can be a real challenge and a real threat to the security of the testing environment. Because personal electronic devices are prohibited from use in testing areas, a tremendous burden is placed on schools to ensure students don’t enter testing areas with cellphones or other electronics.

Store and Charge Solutions for Small Group Instruction

Special education teachers frequently “push in” to regular education classrooms, but a large part of their instruction is often delivered to small groups in other locations throughout the school building. Because their groups are small, learning support, emotional support, ESL, and speech and language teachers don’t always have the luxury of a full-sized classroom or easy access to equipment and resources.

What to Look for When Buying Mobile Computer Carts for Your School

If you’re an IT director or technology coach and it’s budget time, you’re probably looking for store and charge solutions that can accommodate the tech you have today and adapt to the tech you’ll have tomorrow. With devices cycling out every three to six years, it only makes sense to use your budget wisely and choose storage solutions that will grow with you and last beyond the next round of updates.

When Should You Replace Your Store and Charge Carts? The Answer Is Never.

If you’re looking at your school’s computer store and charge carts and thinking it may be time to replace them, you probably purchased your carts from the wrong manufacturer. A well-constructed cart should last a lifetime, so if yours isn’t even lasting through lunchtime, you should definitely learn what to look for so you don’t make the same mistake the second time around.

Personal Device Storage for Students During High Stakes Testing

If you work in a public school that participates in state testing, then you’re likely familiar with the high level of security surrounding test materials and the challenge of personal device storage in testing areas. Teachers and administrators frequently struggle with managing students’ personal devices while they’re taking the test…

How to Choose a Secure Device Store and Charge Solution

Many facilities have a need to securely store and charge devices when they are not in use or are not permitted in certain areas. For education and privacy-sensitive settings where personal device use is restricted, a stationary cabinet or depot is ideal. With this type of storage, cellphones or other small personal devices and belongings can be placed in individual compartments with single key or passcode access.

MobileTrak5® By Datum

As your facility and personnel grow, so does your need for storage. Expanding your storage capabilities shouldn’t mean outsourcing storage or expanding your facility. Your existing storage may need to be working harder for you. The MobileTrak5® is Datum’s leading high-density storage solution.

Datum Preserves History with Archival Storage

Following a sizable merger, a U.S. refinery needed to find space within its corporate facility for 80 additional workstations and corresponding files. The department expanded to include seven work groups that all needed convenient central access to corporate tax documents. Previously, the department relied on lateral files, rotary cabinets, and vertical filing cabinets to manage its file storage needs, but with the addition of the workstations and limited floor space, the client needed a new alternative.

TekCart™ Universal

Storing and transporting valuable electronics can be a challenge. With so many different options available on the market, it can be hard to choose the best solution for your application. If you’re looking for a reliable storage solution that won’t break the bank, take a look at the TekCart™ Universal. The TekCart™ Universal by Datum offers secure organized storage for all your valuable electronic devices.

Datum Offers Custom Storage Solutions for Any Application

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your current storage lockers or that it might be time for an upgrade? Are you looking for a better way to safely store and organize your equipment for easy access? Datum is proud to partner with branches of the armed forces and first responders to develop custom locker applications for any situation.

4Post™ Personal Storage

Do you feel like your current storage lockers aren’t meeting your growing needs? Are you looking for a better way to store gear and equipment for your employees or personnel? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade! The 4Post Personal Storage Locker by Datum is a great way for branches of the military and first responders to store everything they need while also maximizing space.

TekStak™ by Datum®

TekStak™ by Datum is the premiere one-to-one storage solution for your business, school, or government organization. Designed to safely store your laptops, netbooks, and other valuable electronics, TekStak™ is the latest addition to Datum’s line of innovative solutions. TekStak™ features individual locking bays that allow users to securely store their valuables in a stacked layout.

Stabilizing Your Storage

How can all of those lighter-than-the wind individual pieces of paper become such a dense and heavy mass when collected and filed? Anyone who has ever been tasked with moving a full filing cabinet, or boxing the contents of one up for storage, knows that it takes a bit of strength to budge that weight. Many offices are stocked with filing cabinets, lateral files or other storage methods that not only collect that paper weight, but stack it fairly high.

Managing Medical Records and Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

Hardcopy paper medical records are notoriously vulnerable to security violations. Hazards ranging anywhere from unprotected FTP access to normal (and unfortunately common) human error make medical file storage a challenge for healthcare providers everywhere. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) instituted guidelines for the secure handling of clients’ Protected Health Information – or PHI – and officials follow through with strict recourse anytime an agency fails to maintain compliance.

Secure Storage Solutions for Government and Public Agencies

It’s time to look at the budget again. For government agencies and public entities, that means careful consideration of storage, shelving and filing systems. Safety, security, space and asset allocation, mobility and capacity are all top priorities – and common difficulties – for most public and government organizations.

Read This Before Budgeting for New Technology in Your Classroom

It’s no secret that technology use is growing in classrooms. The U.S. Department of Education reports that three quarters of teachers say educational technology is benefiting their students. Many schools see the benefit and are implementing strategies such as one-to-one laptop programs to boost student performance.

Restaurants Serve Up the Tech

The restaurant industry has never been on the cutting edge of technology, mostly because restaurant owners and managers are some of the busiest people on the planet, and technology tends to take a back seat to the daily demands of food service. But technology is finally taking a seat at the booth, and that means a growing need for secure device storage.

Protect Officers From Weapons Theft

Keeping weapons secure, yet ready for rapid deployment is a critical challenge for law enforcement divisions everywhere. Unfortunately, police departments are not immune to weapons theft, even within locked facilities. In October 2011, thieves cut bolts and broke through several locked doors to access a Los Angeles Police Department training facility.

High-Tech Without High-Security Spells Disaster for Schools

According to a report by Absolute Software, public schools are the number one location for thefts of laptop computers and other portable electronic devices, followed closely by colleges and universities, which took the number five spot1. When the Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District…

The True Cost of Losing Data

The numbers are staggering. More than 500 million laptop computers are sold in the U.S. each year. That equates to nearly one million computers purchased every day of the week. Of those, an estimated 2 million will be lost, or stolen. The time savings provided and ability to store a large and varied amount of information are the top reasons why the laptop is one of the most widely-owned electronic device in America.

Storage in the Classroom

School districts across the nation are facing monetary concerns of varying degrees. Shrinking budgets, coupled with increasing technology needs, bulging class sizes and reduced classroom space means administrators and teachers have to be creative with your needs. You need efficient and affordable solutions that provide security, space savings and the ability to mobilize resources.

Properly Storing Art

Have you ever seen an old photograph that has been ruined thanks to improper storage? That moment in time captured on film is, of course, irreplaceable. If a photograph becomes damaged, torn or faded to the point where it can no longer be enjoyed, that moment in time becomes lost forever. Original paintings, prints, lithographs and other works of art, too, capture often irreplaceable moments or feelings.

Government Facts & GSA Information

The General Services Administration is a federal agency established on July 1, 1949, by President Harry Truman. Created to streamline the federal administrative work and involved in the disposal of war surplus items, today the GSA serves as the primary purchasing authority for all federal government agencies.

Meeting HIPAA Compliancy

The products you use have to keep up with your duties and provide a maximum level of accessibility while maintaining patient protection and security. But in today’s fast-paced world of cyber-hackers, identity theft and digital fraud, you can’t go far enough to protect your personal information and the information of your customers and patients. And legally, it is necessary to take standard measures to protect the information your customers have provided you.

Mail Sorting for the 21st Century

For many businesses, the mail room is the nerve center of the operation. It’s a busy beehive of activity, with its workers depended upon to make certain both interoffice and external mail is being routed to the right recipients in a prompt fashion. Delivery errors or lost mail pieces are costly events, with the potential to lose revenue or, perhaps worse, lost customer confidence as a direct result.

Weapons Storage for Rapid Deployment

Creating versatile, efficient and, above all, safe and secure weapon storage solutions is not a task to be taken lightly. Whether needed for a military post, a law enforcement agency, or a private citizen who is an avid gun collector, a weapon storage system needs to meet all three criteria; in the case of the first two types of customer, that system also needs to be practically engineered for ease of access should the need for rapid deployment ever arise.

Finding the Right Filing Solution

All filing systems are not built the same. Your needs are as unique as the type of files you use and one size does not fit all storage and filing needs. Whether your files are of the manila, hard-bound, boxed or antiquities variety and fill a room or are housed in a filing cabinet, Datum has the right solution for your office, business or institution.

Ez2® Rotary Action File

Storing a growing number of files can be a hassle. From keeping everything organized to ensuring documents aren’t damaged, lost, or stolen is a problem for companies of almost every size and industry. Whether you have dozens of files or several thousand, the Ez2® Rotary Action File by Datum offers a practical solution to your growing storage needs.

Legal File Storage

For years, law firms, courthouses, and records departments have relied on vertical or lateral filing cabinets and other cumbersome storage to store everything from sensitive legal documents to public records. Many firms are faced with the problem of growing storage needs and limited resources. Datum offers a range of products that are designed to meet the changing storage needs of professionals across the country.

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