High-Tech Without High-Security Spells Disaster for Schools


October 18, 2019

According to a report by Absolute Software, public schools are the number one location for thefts of laptop computers and other portable electronic devices, followed closely by colleges and universities, which took the number five spot1. A quick look at the news reveals numerous recent incidents:

  • In September 2013, thieves broke into Drake Elementary School in Chicago and stole a cache of iPads and Macbooks the night before they were going to be introduced to the classrooms.2
  • In October 2013, 62 iPads and laptops were stolen from River Glen Elementary School in San Jose in a single night. Parents had spent two years raising more than $70,000 to buy the equipment.3
  • In March 2014, more than 50 laptops were stolen or damaged during break-ins at two high schools in Ann Arbor, Michigan.4

When the Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District in North Carolina introduced a bring-your-own-technology program, so many thefts followed that local Police Chief Randy Hagler told the Charlotte Observer it was driving the community’s property crime numbers “out of sight.”

Officer Jeff Estes said, “People should think of their cell phone as currency in their hands, because that’s the way thieves think of it.”

Schools of all sizes report a steady stream of device thefts. Approximately 90 laptops disappear each year on the Harvard University campus, while annual devices thefts in Washington, D.C. public schools run into the “thousands,” police reported.

Mobile devices are a thief’s dream: expensive, portable, and easy to sell. And the losses from theft extend far beyond the costs of the devices themselves. A laptop stolen in January 2014 from a school administrator in Midland, Texas contained personal data, including Social Security numbers, on 14,000 current and former students. Such security breaches expose institutions to significant liability.

Fortunately, Datum offers state-of-the-art computer storage and security solutions that are user-friendly and adaptable to classrooms of all sizes. Datum’s mobile device storage systems offer the following features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction for maximum security
  • Added safety protections such as reverse hinging and anti-pry strips
  • Ventilation to extend device longevity
  • Charging and cord organizing capabilities
  • Multiple locking options
  • Numerous mounting and stacking options
  • An array of color and design options to coordinate with any environment

Datum’s LapTop Locker is a sleek, compact individual storage unit for tablets, laptops and other mobile devices. It’s an ideal solution for giving students in classrooms and dorms secure, personal storage for phones, laptops, and even documents and credit cards. The LapTop locker can be installed inside closets or under desks for maximum privacy and convenience, and they’re so durable they’ll be there to serve students year after year.

The LapTop Depot is a customizable storage unit for multiple laptops, NetBooks, tablets and other devices. The LapTop Depot can be surface-mounted, stacked or incorporated into a rolling cart with a laminate top for added workspace. It offers a perfect storage and charging space for multiple devices.

TekStak is another popular item for schools and other institutions. It features stacked individual lockers that can be configured to fit into any classroom or office setting. Each locker offers a large space to accommodate multiple personal devices.

Schools, universities and individual students are investing more every year in state-of-the-art technology. That technology requires state-of-the-art protection. Datum’s user-friendly, customized, maximum-security computer storage solutions make it easy for institutions to protect students from theft, so they can enjoy the benefits of today’s high-tech learning environments for many years to come.

Does your campus or facility offer state-of-the art protection to match its state-of-the-art technology? Contact a Datum rep today to find out more and get a quote.

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