Personal Storage Lockers for Woodway Police Department


June 21, 2019

During the renovation of their building, the Woodway Police Department on Woodway, TX, found that they needed a convenient place for their officers to store their personal belongings in their locker room area.


We designed a new product to give the Woodway PD officers the storage they were looking for. What emerged from the process was the 4Post™ Personnel Locker.

This locker featured a lockable hinged door on the outside, and shelves, a garment rod, and locking drawer on the inside. Each unit also features a power strip for officers to plug in and charge their electronics while they’re on duty.

The new lockers lined the walls of the locker room and gave the officers a place to store their personal belongings, including street clothes, hanging uniforms, shoes, toiletries, cellphones, and other items in a secure environment.

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