Protect Officers From Weapons Theft


October 18, 2019

Keeping weapons secure, yet ready for rapid deployment is a critical challenge for law enforcement divisions everywhere. Unfortunately, police departments are not immune to weapons theft, even within locked facilities. In October 2011, thieves cut bolts and broke through several locked doors to access a Los Angeles Police Department training facility. They stole a cache of weapons including 21 MP-5 submachine guns and 12 large-caliber handguns1. All but three of the guns were immediately sold on the black market2.

Individual lockers are not necessarily secure either. In April 2012, four 9mm handguns were stolen from a New York City police station house. The guns were stored in lockers with combination locks, which were reportedly easy to break open3. That summer, an NYPD officer stole four loaded pistols from lockers of his fellow officers. The guns later wound up in the hands of drug dealers4. In addition to locker rooms and armories, police facilities include numerous areas such as sally ports where secure temporary storage is required. Since space is often at a premium in those areas, providing secure storage that fits into the existing space can be a challenge.

Datum offers a range of weapons storage solutions that offer maximum security without sacrificing immediate access.

In fact, Datum offers custom storage systems specifically designed to help officers deploy faster by storing weapons alongside necessary tactical gear.

The storage systems help officers keep critical gear organized and protected, making it easy to spot missing or damaged items. They can be designed to accommodate your specific equipment needs, making the most of available space.

The security of our systems has been proven in countless law enforcement and military applications. Datum is a GSA-authorized contractor, and has successfully implemented more than 40,000 storage installations. All of our systems are made of heavy gauge steel for maximum security. They feature a variety of high-security locking options and can be configured to secure all of the following:

  • rifles, shotguns and pistols
  • ammunition
  • optics
  • body armor
  • gear, bags and accessories

Our Datum weapon storage units include open racks and locking cabinets with a variety of components that can be customized to suit your needs.

Datum also offers Personal Pistol Lockers to hold handguns and other small items. They are ideal for weapons check-ins, courthouses, sally ports and other areas where temporary storage is needed. The lockers are available in single-tier to four-tier units with bays that can be individually keyed and tagged for maximum security. Locking options include standard key locks, enhanced key locks, digital locks and hasps for padlocking. A padded interior protects weapons and other personal items.

All of the units can be stacked, wall-mounted or surface mounted, and can be painted in our standard colors or a custom color to complement your facilities.

Law enforcement officers face enough challenges on the job every day. Worrying about lost or stolen weapons shouldn’t be one of them. Ensure that your officers’ weapons stay in the right hands with a Datum custom storage solution.

1 “Submachine guns, handguns stolen from LAPD SWAT training site,” Los Angeles Times 17 Oct. 2011.

2 “All but 3 guns stolen from LAPD SWAT unit sold on black market,” LA Times 28 Oct. 2011.

3 “Four guns stolen from cops’ Lockers in East Village precinct,” New York Post 27 April 2012.

4 “New York Police Officer Charged in Gun Theft,” New York Times 13 July 2012.

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