Storage in the Classroom


October 18, 2019

School districts across the nation are facing monetary concerns of varying degrees. Shrinking budgets, coupled with increasing technology needs, bulging class sizes and reduced classroom space means administrators and teachers have to be creative with your needs. You need efficient and affordable solutions that provide security, space savings and the ability to mobilize resources.

Datum has storage solutions for your school and classroom engineered to organize, maximize space and increase efficiency. From mobilized, durable computer carts to space saving workstations to electronics security to student lockers, Datum’s unique solutions are highly configurable and designed for your needs today with the option to expand tomorrow.

Today’s classroom is a multi-media learning environment in which educators are utilizing countless methods of technology to teach and inspire. Computers, tablets eReaders and other electronic devices have become essential tools of daily lesson plans. However, the costs associated with incorporating these devices into the classroom can limit the amount of devices a school can afford.

Make the most of your resources by mobilizing them with Datum’s media carts. From laptops to eReaders and tablets, Datum has a cart solution that will keep your electronic devices secure, charged and easily accessible for your students.

Incorporate desktop computers into the classroom or create additional media space in the library with Datum’s mobile computer stations. With limited space, teachers will especially appreciate the ability to move their desktop computer system throughout the classroom and better utilize their in-room technology by working one-on-one with students.

Datum’s state-of-the-art, space saving solution for the classroom or library, the StudyStation, is designed to maximize space, and features high quality construction, guaranteed for years of use. Create a professional space or convert Datum’s StudyStation into a TechStation with an optional CPU Locker and laptop drawer. Heavy duty lockers securely store PCs and protect them from daily use by easily attaching to a desk or table.

Need more space for coats, backpacks and other items? Rigid Rak, Datum’s stylish line of unique garment solutions, is designed to keep clothing and personal effects organized and easily accessible. Choose from steel wall racks and hooks built to withstand years of daily use without scratching or fading finish. Temporary or permanent coatroom needs can be answered with Datum’s VelociRak? Simply fold it, roll it, and store it.

Datum also provides heavy-duty lockers? A durable storage solution for students and staff that ensures personal items remain secure, organized and protected, while maximizing space.

Need more storage space for supplies, books and more? 4Post, Datum’s uniquely customized line of shelving solutions is designed to keep files or books of any size and weight organized and easily accessible. Highly configurable to maximize space and efficiency, 4Post’s stationary shelving system is engineered for effortless installation, easy expansion and maximum efficiency and accommodates 560 linear filing inches in only 7 sq. ft. of space.

And if more space is needed, easily convert your current stationary shelving by combining it with Datum’s unique TrakSlider to create an efficient mobile solution, increasing storage capacity, while conserving space. Available in standard, heavy duty, heavy duty plus and library construction, 4Post shelving works in every room of your school from the supply closet to the library.

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