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Secure Storage Solutions for Government and Public Agencies

It’s time to look at the budget again. For government agencies and public entities, that means careful consideration of storage, shelving and filing systems. Safety, security, space and asset allocation, mobility and capacity are all top priorities – and common difficulties – for most public and government organizations.

Regulatory Compliance and Security Priorities

In most fields and industries, regulatory compliance is a constant consideration. Trying to account for everything from secure documents to wet-floor signs is no small task – and most available shelving systems and filing applications may work in one respect but fall short in another.

It can be a challenge to find shelving systems and high-density storage solutions that really fit the bill:

  • You need filing systems that are user-friendly, yet still secure.
  • You need high-density shelving with space – but without taking up space.
  • You need storage solutions for the office and the warehouse – And you need it all to stay within budget.

As a Long-Time GSA Vendor…We Get It

Datum has a long history of providing storage systems and solutions to federal and state agencies and organizations throughout the country. We provide customizable, secure storage systems and filing applications to meet every agency’s need.

Our MobileTrak®, for example, is a maximum-capacity storage solution designed to conquer challenging spaces in athletic, industrial, business and office facilities. Datum’s mobile track-system employs a low-profile design, an aisle locking system, and an enclosed drive mechanism. Numerous features and options are available to modify the MobileTrak® for optimum functionality in any storage situation.

Or, take a look at the Ez2® Rotary Action File, an efficient, accessible, two-sided rotary file storage system. It securely organizes assets for use in healthcare, education and other government facilities that have to comply with regulations such as HIPPA. The Ez2® rotates 360 degrees for fully inclusive operational accessibility, and can be added-to or adjusted to meet and match any institutional storage challenge.

4Post™ shelving is another high-demand solution for use in public and government facilities. Designed to keep items of any size organized and easily accessible, 4Post™ is highly adjustable, configurable and create space without wasting space.

These are just a few of the applications (and streamlined benefits) of the industry-specific, highly customizable, high-density storage solutions available through Datum.

Take a look around, and give us a call.

We maintain a number of state and federal contracts to enable flexibility throughout the government-purchase process. Our GSA contract numbers and state contracts are all open and available for you to view.

So take a look around.

Our representatives are highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable. Contact Datum today and we’ll help you figure out exactly how to manage your space.

Talk to an expert.

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