Weapons Storage for Rapid Deployment


October 18, 2019

Creating versatile, efficient and, above all, safe and secure weapon storage solutions is not a task to be taken lightly. Whether needed for a military post, a law enforcement agency, or a private citizen who is an avid gun collector, a weapon storage system needs to meet all three criteria; in the case of the first two types of customer, that system also needs to be practically engineered for ease of access should the need for rapid deployment ever arise.

Datum has successfully designed weapons storage systems for everyone from law enforcement to military special forces. A certified GSA contractor with a Navy BPA, Datum has more than 40,000 storage installations in their portfolio. Suffice to say that Datum has the knowledge and experience to create and design the right system for any situation.

When an emergency arises an immediate, rapid response is necessary, the luxury of time is simply not available.

Of course, it is desirable to keep weaponry in secured storage, it also costs valuable seconds to fiddle with locked cabinet doors to retrieve the needed equipment. If your present storage system is an off-the-shelf system that is not customizable and doesn’t allow for weaponry and associated accessories to be stored together, you may lose even more time gathering up everything you need.

Datum’s Universal Weapons Racks provide the versatility and configurability necessary to customize storage so that a single unit stores multiple weapon types and the needed accessories, eliminating the time spent searching and assembling everything needed – it’s all right there in one place. An open rack system also eliminates the fumbling with cabinet door locks. So long as the area in which the rack system is installed is a secure area, there is no need to sacrifice security for ease of access.

Datum’s team of designers and engineers are adept at creating systems that make maximum use of available space. A weapons storage system that takes available space into consideration, as well as the specific needs of the agency for which it is built, can enhance the effectiveness of that agency by not only safely and securely storing it’s weapons when not in use, but also ensuring that they are ready to mobilize in an instant should a rapid response situation arise.

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