Budgeting for Storage Needs: 8 Things to Consider Before You Buy


December 17, 2019

Budgeting for Storage Needs – Whether you need a high-density system for evidence or a heavy-duty weapon cabinet for pistols and gear, you want a storage solution that will keep your items secure and organized and that will last beyond the next budget year. Here are eight features to consider before you decide to buy. 


Storage should be constructed of heavy-duty steel, and doors should be fully hinged to deter unwanted entry.  On large doors, the locking mechanism should secure the door at multiple points to prevent doors from being easily pried open, and framing should be fully welded. Look for locking options, such as keyed locks, hasp locks, or digital locks, that will best serve your security needs.


Heavy-duty steel can stand up to daily use, and a heavier gauge, such as 16-gauge or 18-gauge, will help ensure storage components won’t bend and warp over time. A powder-coated finish will also help ensure your storage unit can withstand the wear and tear of loading, unloading, and other incidental contact while maintaining an attractive appearance.


A good storage solution will make the most of your available space, allowing you to efficiently and effectively store a greater number of items in the same space or to free up space for other uses.


Whatever equipment you initially invest in for your storage needs, make sure it can grow with you, either by adding to it or by incorporating it into a larger system. This will prevent you from having to reinvest as your storage needs grow over time.


From environmental conditions such as heat, humidity, and seismic activity to structural considerations such as low-hanging sprinkler systems or architectural features, it’s important to have your space professionally evaluated before you choose a solution and have it installed to ensure it will function properly.


The size, shape, and weight of stored items can vary dramatically from one environment to another, so it’s important to be able to customize features of your storage solution to get the best fit. A good fit will mean better organization of your stored items, which can reduce retrieval and return time. It can also minimize wear and tear on stored items when components are designed for specific sizes and shapes.


There is no substitute for professional installation of your storage equipment. Properly anchoring, leveling, and fitting it to your space not only ensures your satisfaction with the performance of your equipment but also protects the safety of those who use it.


A lifetime warranty on parts and construction and a multi-year warranty on any electrical components will give you peace of mind knowing that your storage system will last and that you’re protected if something goes wrong.

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