Read This Before Budgeting for New Technology in Your Classroom


October 18, 2019

It’s no secret that technology use is growing in classrooms. The U.S. Department of Education reports that three quarters of teachers say educational technology is benefiting their students. Many schools see the benefit and are implementing strategies such as one-to-one laptop programs to boost student performance.

Some school districts have had great success with their technology programs, while others have been overwhelmed by expenses from loss, damage, theft, maintenance and support. One factor that separates schools with successful programs from those that struggle is teaching students how to care for their devices properly and providing proper storage.

Six Reasons to Include Storage in Your Tech Budget

1. Students Are Kids.

Surveys show that students as young as preschoolers are regularly using technology in the classroom. That’s a lot of expensive equipment in some very small hands.

2. Students Are on the Move.

A typical middle school or high school student moves through numerous classrooms in a day. Every class change is an opportunity for loss or damage. In schools with failed programs, many students and teachers cited keeping track of technology throughout the school day as a major challenge.

3. Accessories Disappear.

It’s not just laptops and tablets. Keeping cords and other accessories paired up with the right devices and in good working order is nearly impossible over time without organized storage.

4. Down Time Is Frustrating.

One challenge teachers often cite regarding technology in the classroom is having laptops and tablets charged and ready when needed. Providing storage that charges devices on demand keeps them ready for class and helps extend battery life.

5. Teachers Have a Lot to Keep Track of, Too.

Teachers also face many challenges in keeping track of computers, tablets, projection equipment and other media used in their classrooms, especially when equipment is shared. Technology carts and dedicated central storage can help teachers stay organized as well as their students.

6. Equipment Gets Damaged.

In many classrooms, computers are stacked in bins, piled on shelves or locked up in closets with no dedicated place for each device. Under those conditions, equipment is much more likely to be damaged.

Protect Your Investments

To keep devices in good working order, students need more than a bin or cupboard where devices get stacked at the end of class. By providing a dedicated storage unit for each device along with its cords and accessories, schools can teach students good habits and set them up for success. Teachers can quickly see if anything has gone missing. Students can claim responsibility for their own equipment and keep it organized. Devices can be properly ventilated and charged and locked down between uses. Secure computer storage pays for itself many times over by preventing damage, theft and loss.

Budget for Storage

When planning your next technology purchase, be sure to include secure device storage. Datum offers a range of mobile and stationary storage units designed to protect and charge tablets, laptops, classroom media and other devices. We offer storage solutions to fit any need and can even customize it to complement your school’s décor.

Set your students up for success with secure storage from Datum.

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