Restaurants Serve Up the Tech


October 18, 2019

The restaurant industry has never been on the cutting edge of technology, mostly because restaurant owners and managers are some of the busiest people on the planet, and technology tends to take a back seat to the daily demands of food service. But technology is finally taking a seat at the booth, and that means a growing need for secure device storage.

Restaurants have used electronic point of sale and seating management systems for years, and customers are already accustomed to downloading coupons, reserving seating and placing orders on their phones. Now technology has moved tableside with tablet ordering, which allows customers to browse menus at their leisure and order whenever they’re ready. Restaurant owners are also automating backroom functions such as inventory management, menu pricing and bookkeeping.

On the Menu: Loss, Damage and Theft

Keeping track of tablets, charging cords, and making sure everything is organized in a chaotic environment like a restaurant is challenging. The risk of loss, theft and damage is high even with the most diligent staff. Without secure and organized storage, that risk can become a certainty.

Enter Datum

We offer stationary and mobile laptop, tablet, and netbook storage units to fit into any restaurant environment, from individual lockers for a single laptop to mobile carts that store and charge dozens of devices. Units feature tamper-proof construction, cord and accessory storage, ventilation, and a range of locking options to protect your investment. They also come in a range of stock and custom colors to complement any décor.

A Custom Solution

Most restaurants would benefit from a premises audit to identify the best locations and types of storage for all of their technology. Our designers can propose solutions that will keep technology organized, charged and ready to go to work when needed.

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